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Here Are the Benefits of Using Brands Outlet Egypt Fashion Blog as a Fashion Blogger:

EGP 500 Voucher:

You will get a shopping voucher worth EGP 500 if more than 100 people liked your article, this can only be redeemed toward the products that worth more than EGP 1,200.


5% Discount:

You will get 5% off on all Brands Outlet Egypt products. You also will get a promo code that will grant 5% discount to your family, friends, and colleagues when shopping from Brands Outlet Egypt. 


Free Proofreading:

Brands Outlet Egypt will proofread your content to make sure it’s genuine, relevant, and has no grammatical errors or typos. 


Free Access to Brands Outlet Egypt Showroom Fashion Collections:

You would get access to our men or women fashion collections to support your fashion posts/stories if you managed to get 25 people to like and comment on any of your posts. You can mix and match, try the outfit or take some photos.


Let The World Know Who You Are:

You can upload your picture and name next to your article. 

You also can share your social media accounts to help those who like your fashion ideas to know more about you and cool fashion ideas and tips. 


Unlimited Posts:

There are no limited posts, post as much as you want - as long as you will consider the guidelines for Brands Outlet Egypt Fashion Blog.

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